Release & Deployment Management

With itmSUITE ® we recognised the the uniqueness and importance of the Release & Deployment Management process long before our competitors and, in fact, we do not consider it as just a variant of Change Management.
It is for this reason that the Release entity is explicitly managed by a specific process and it is possible to correlate it with any other process managed, and via workflows (eg. Incident, Change, etc.).
In this context, then, the possibility to exploit the functionalities of itmSUITE ® deriving from the support of Project Management is crucial. Indeed the management of Release & Deployment for major releases requires the ability to plan, coordinate and supervise activities which are inter-linked in order to reach a common goal, just like in a project.

Main features of itmSUITE® useful in this area

  • Offers support for the automation of the process of Release & Deployment mangement in line with best practice;
  • Specific functions to support Release Management, for example:
    • Automated generation of the number of Releases;
    • Automated generation and update with deployment Changes of the Release;
    • Integration and management of economic data related to Changes like budget, final balance and forecast;
    • Integration of Release information with all the other information managed by itmSUITE ® (eg. Change, Incident, project deliverables etc.);
    • Tracking of the activities;
    • Reporting procedures.

Main benefits deriving from the adoptuon of itmSUITE®


  • Release of Change is quicker, risks are minimized and costs are optimized;
  • Improvement in the ability to explain to users how to use new Changes;
  • Contribution in meeting requirements (eg. regulatory or internal);
  • Reduction of the number of non-authorized and/or failed Releases;
  • Protection of the business against unwanted side effects of Releases.


The complete software solution and tool for Release & Deployment Management by itmSUITE, available on premise or as a cloud / SaaS service