Marchio OCE - Service Level Management

This complementary module is compatible with the core modules, SM (Service Desk and Service Management and PM (Project and Portfolio Management).
It makes it possible to define and control KPIs and targets that can easily be used for the management of service levels with clients and suppliers or internally.
At a high level, the main functions that this module offers are as follows:

  • the definition of KPIs and targets via a graphic interface;
  • near real time calculation of the indicators;
  • visualisation of the indicators on lists or records of information (eg. incident, change, projects);
  • use of the calculated indicators to trigger action, in other words the rules of business that can be freely configured in the SM (Service Desk and Service Management) module or PM (Project and Portfolio Management) module (for example by sending messages, opening tickets, changing information etc);
  • Use of the calculated indicators to create reports;

The module offers a basic reporting function that with the REP (Reporting Management) module becomes unlimited.