itmSUITE® and itmCLOUD® are available in several languages, including english, french and italian.

itmSUITE offres a partnership program, itmPARTNER®, with flexible barriers to entry that allows the major players in IT Governance and Project/Portfolio Management, consulting firm or service provider or specialists, to develop significantly its business and satisfy their costumers.

Main benefits for the consulting firm:

  • Fast implementation, without compromising of processes designed making the expected benefits
  • Not dispersion of the budget of the clients, perhaps with potential competitors
  • Not necessity of infrastructure (with itmCLOUD® or technical skills)
  • Increase profits

Main advantages for service provider

  • Ability to integrate with their customer processes for better results and increased customer loyalty
  • Possibility to build own SaaS services
  • Increase profits

With all partners, itmSUITE is committed to making quick acquisition of the necessary skills to manage their own solutions independently, while ensuring maximum support aimed at the optimization of the profits of the partner and the maximization of customer final satisfaction.

The partnership program ensures:

  • Training and support
    • to marketing and sales
    • to the certification of specialists on products
  • Tool e resources
    • demonstration environments
    • Preconfigured processes out-of-the-box to speed up projects
    • Documentation and Knowledge Base
    • Community and specialist support
  • Marketing opportunities
    • Lead in the areas of intervention of the partner
    • Comarketing and cobranding of events and advertising campaigns

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