Continual Service Improvement

This is itmSUITE ®'s contribution to the continual service improvement phase and it is a highly significant one. In fact, itmSUITE ® supports:

  • the interactive improvement process (seven-step- improvement process);
  • management of the CSI ( register of improvements) ;
  • management of the improvement actions in response to the improvements identified;
  • reporting and dashboard on performances at all levels ( processes, services, organisational units etc).

Main features of itmSUITE® useful in this area

  • Reduction in Continual Service automation times
  • Automation of the execution of the seven-step-improvement process cycles, either as a whole or as individual processes or as a service via the workflow motor.
  • Support for the creation and management of improvement plans via the Project Management function ( including therefore cost management, risks etc)
  • Automation of the CSI Register, managing improvement opportunities via workflow
  • Automation of the management of improvement actions via workflow, creating links between improvement opportunities and Change, and Incidents or indeed any other element managed by itmSUITE ®
  • Real-time visualization of process targets with graphic visualization of status (ex. RAG - Red Amber Green) and escalations managed automatically for a better responsiveness ( for example for the progress monitoring of improvement opportunities or actions)
  • Availability of preconfigured process cartridges in line with relevant best practice (ITIL®)
  • The possibility to create reports and configure dashboards to monitor any efficiency evaluation measurement in relation to improvement actions or plans.

Main benefits deriving from the adoption of itmSUITE®

  • Progressive or continuous improvement of the service quality
  • IT services always aligned with business needs
  • Progressive or continuous improvement in relation to service management efficiency.

The complete software solution and tool for Continual Service Improvement by itmSUITE, available on premise or as a cloud / SaaS service