The offer for itmCLOUD® platform is modular and flexible. It's necessary to include one or more functional modules and some users and, if necessary, include some processes pre-configured to facilitate the setup and the configuration phase.


Each functional module allows you to access to a part of the functionality of itmCLOUD®. Some modules require installation of other prerequisite. For more details go to complete list of modules and their included features and check the section for pricing. In order to use itmCLOUD® you need to buy at least one functional module.


After selecting the function modules, you can immediately use the benefits of itmCLOUD ® by simply adding the necessary users. To simplify charge to the Client, there are only three categories of users:


These users can add, modify or delete others users and configure the basic settings of itmCLOUD®.

Service providers' users:

These users belong to an organization that provides services or manages products. Examples of these users include: service provider organization's manager, project manager, service manager, technical staff, help desk staff, etc.

Final customers' users:

These users are the beneficiaries of the service provider. For these users is possible initiate a process (ex. open an incident or a request) managed by SME module and have a role in these processes (ex. confirm the resolution of an incident). The users are activated for all modules purchased: it's not necessary purchase licences for specific modules!


The processes are accelerators and facilitators of the implementation of implementation of itmCLOUD®. The purchase of a process means the purchase of a specific configuration "out of the box" and must only takes a few clicks to activate the desired job.
The purchase of processes also means a way to quickly introduce best practices in your organization or facilitate the achievement of internationally recognized certification (eg. ISO / IEC 20000). For more details go to the list of processes, which include the best practices that support, and the section on pricing to see just how inexpensive it is to become "best in class"!

Configuration Items

Configuration items are components that work together to provide a service (eg. software, applications, hardware, equipment and/or lines of communications, infrastructures and associated documentation).

Configuration items are available only if the modul CMS is purchased, deciding the maximum number of items that need to be managed, in terms of tracking of their lifecycle and of related informations.

Other elements

Finally, you can buy the following items to further costumize the platform itmCLOUD than to the standard configuration:

  • Additional workflow transitions for the Final Users
  • Additional targets to be measured in the form OCE
  • Actions to perform (eg. automatic closure of an incident in front of the closure of a correlated change)
  • custom fields
  • Visibility conditioned rules (eg. viewing of a section of the ticket in front of the enhancement of a specific field)
  • Forced views (forced viewing of all ticket in load of a supplier)
  • Self-service activities (eg. user request to change password)