Marchio EEM - External Event Management

It is more than likely that an organisation that manages projects or services, either internally or externally, will have to communicate with other external systems ( typical examples are infrastructure monitoring systems or client/supplier trouble ticketing systems)
It is for this reason that the itmSUITE® architecture has been studied specifically to manage the integration of the system.
In particular, there is an internal bus for integration between all the modules ( MB-message Bus) which is included with the purchase of any core module and the EEM -External Event Management- module. The lattter is set up for dialogue with external systems, and this can take place via mail or web services.
The EEM parser interprets the messages that arrive and activates the processes that have to deal with them thanks to the business rule management components (known as Action Engine) of the various itmSUITE® modules.
The integration of itmSUITE® in relation to external systems usually occurs via the Action Engine where the triggers and steps to be taken on the external systems which offer such services, are configured.

Typical examples of integration are as follows:

  • Opening or update of Incident and/ or Change based on notifications coming from the monitoring system ( eg. poor service or a server back in service);
  • Opening or update of Incident, Change or problem based on notifications coming from the systems that manage external tickets.

The integration with LDAP and Active Directory is managed by the itmSUITE® core modules and doesn't require the installation of the EEM component.

The software module and tool for EEM - External Event Management by itmSUITE, available on premise or as a cloud / SaaS service