Availability Management

itmSUITE® supports the visualization and comprehension of the end-to-end availability of services starting from that of their components. Monitoring of the availability of the latter is performed by tools that are not part of itmSUITE® but that can be easily integrated.

Main features of itmSUITE® useful in this area

  • Configuration Management System (including Configuration Management Data Base, CMDB) that allows visual mapping of the structured relationships between service components;
  • Support for the preparation of impact maps between the components that takes into account redundancies too;
  • Integration, through simple configurations, with external tools that monitor service components;
  • Graphical representation of the end-to-end state of the services with drill-down option on components;
  • Console for visualization of messages of changes of status of components and services with RAG (Red, Amber, Green) alerts;
  • Possibility to trigger processes in response to the reaching of predetermined statuses or conditions of events or services;

Main advantages deriving from the use of itmSUITE®

  • Immediate detection of the availability of services as single components but, above all, as end-to-end too;
  • Faster response times to issues related to the availability of single component and end-to-end services;
  • Increased efficiency in response to issues on the availability of of single component and end-to-end services;

The complete software solution and tool for Availability Management by itmSUITE, available on premise or as a cloud / SaaS service