IT Financial Management

itmSUITE® offers an effective process for IT Financial Management and aims at making the reliable and efficient management of costs and revenues for both individual and/or aggregate projects and services possible. Projetcs can be manage d in a similar way. The unusual thing about this solution is that it also offers management possibilities for any organisation that has a manageable workflow, for example problem, change, improvement actions etc.

itmSUITE® makes it possible to manage budgets, final balance sheets and also forecasts as well as the activities necessary for their definition (for example, the definition of final balance sheets via timesheets, the management of reimbursement expenses and the implementation of of other kinds of costs). This means that there can be flexible management of the different threads of management to adapt to the needs and levels of complexity required.

The solution package is completed by the possibility to define the methods of control for the evolution of expenses with any discrepancies between the control plan and the actual performance highlighted. There is also a complete basic report and the availability of a powerful reporting motor to create others.



Main features of itmSUITE® useful in this area

  • Financial management concerning the budget, final balance and forecast for projects, services and processes
  • Possibility to freely define categories of cost
  • Possibility to manage revenues (invoicing available)
  • Management and visibility of costs and/or revenues per service and/or project
  • Possibility to save "snapshots" of economic data (budgets, final balances and forecasts of services and/or projects) and to link them to control milestones that are synchronized for analysis and comparisons
  • Integrated management module of final balance that enables allocation of efforts to services and projects with a clear procedure based on real data
  • Management and visibility of costs even on single processes (eg. change, problem, etc.)
  • Powerful and flexible reporting engine
  • Possibility to define and monitor the patterns of costs and to configure automated notifications and actions (eg. reminder notice) when predefined threshold values are reached

Main benefits deriving from the adoption of itmSUITE®

  • It permits the estimate and control of operating and investment costs of projects and services
  • It offers the possibility of total transparency of costs for services, projects and their aggregates.
  • It permits the management of revenues and, in the final analysis, reveals the margins of the services and/or projects.

The complete software solution and tool for IT Financial Management by itmSUITE, available on premise or as a cloud / SaaS service