Service Catalogue Management

itmSUITE® fully supports the design and management of the service catalogue , whether the services are of a business or technical nature (in other words those that are not promoted as part of the business but that are necessary for the correct functioning of the other services) in line with IT Service Management best practice. The service catalogue is managed in such a way that it offers support to operational activities that will be presented to the client and also represents the core skeleton of the itmSUITE® as used for IT Service Management.

Main features of itmSUITE® useful in this area

  • Support to the design of the architecture of the service catalogue
  • Support to the design of the architecture and content of a single service
  • Publication of the service catalogue with specific views that can be configured
  • Automation of the management of service requests
  • This service is a key element for the management of any kind of IT Service Management process

Main benefits derving from the use of itmSUITE®

  • All business and IT areas have access to information regarding IT services that is accurate, exhaustive (details and status included) and consistent
  • Effectiveness and efficiency in the management and publication of information regarding the service catalogue
  • Improved security for access to information about the service catalogue
  • Flexibility, effectiveness and efficiency in the management of service requests

The complete software solution and tool for Service Catalogue Management by itmSUITE, available on premise or as a cloud / SaaS service