Marchio RE - Reconciliation Engine

This complementary module requires the presence of the core module CMS- Configuration Management System
It makes it possible to acquire information on the configuration elements or the relationships between those that come from external systems to the itmSUITE, for example CMDB or external asset management systems or even ERP systems or simple calculation sheets, and to manage their intelligent upload into the CMS database via freely configurable rules.
In particular,it permits the verification of this information ( via freely definable reconciliation keys) and the different ways to behave ( creation of a new configuration element, substitution of data with up to date information etc). New interfaces (plug ins can be created, upon request, for any external system)
It also goes with the DE-Discovery Engine core module for which it offers a plug in that makes it possible to intelligently upload the information on the configuration elements identified by DE- Discovery Engine in the itmSUITE® CMS.

The software module and tool for RE - Reconciliation Engine by itmSUITE, available on premise or as a cloud / SaaS service