ERP for Service Providers

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and it’s a term commonly used to mean integrated software solutions which support the key enterprise business processes (e.g. sales, manufacturing, logistics, etc.).

itmSUITE® is actually an ERP for Service Providers. Effectively it enables a Service Providers to optimize its key business processes as described.

Sales and CRM

itmSUITE® lets you manage your client, sales agreement and services/products price lists with a flexible configurator. Its powerful workflow engine allows to modify the pre-build sales and CRM processes or to build new from scratch or from the pre-build ones.

As a consequence, with itmSUITE® you will be able to run optimized sales and customer support processes perfectly integrated with all your other design, transition and delivery processes.


itmSUITE® lets you manage your suppliers, their resources and the purchase agreements. Its powerful workflow engine allows to modify the pre-build purchase and supplier management processes or to build new from scratch or from the pre-build ones.

Therefore, with itmSUITE®, you will be able to run optimized purchase and supplier management processes perfectly integrated with all your other design, transition and delivery processes.

Service management

itmSUITE® is perfectly suited to support simple or very mature and enhanced integrated service management processes, inspired by best practices such as ITIL® or ISO/IEC 20000, including those referring to the service strategy domain. This is true for all the service lifecycle management process. Refer to the below listed processes for some examples. All processes are pre-configured but can be easily customized or enhanced with the built-in workflow and action engines.

Service Strategy processes

Service Design processes

Service Transition processes

Service Operation processes

Continual Service Improvement

Improvement is based on measurement and itmSUITE® lets you easily and instantly measure and report your service management and business performances. To this aim, particularly helpful are the service level management and the reporting management modules.

Furthermore, itmSUITE® allows you to design and run continual service improvement processes and activities, such as needed to build and manage a continual service improvement register. You can do this by re-using the pre-build processes or by enhancing them starting from those existing of building from scratch.

Human Resources

itmSUITE® lets you leverage your human resources intellectual capital, in particular their availability and use in order to avoid bottlenecks and the deriving delays and issues in service delivery. itmSUITE® is one of the only solutions providing you with accurate visibility on how your resources are budgeted and used whether in business as usual (related to service management) or business transformation activities (related to project management).


itmSUITE® does not comprehend accounting functionalities however it is fully ready to easily integrate with accounting systems. You simply have to define where to set your interface. For example, you could decide to generate invoices with itmSUITE® and transfer them to the accounting system or you could prefer to transfer data about time and expenses and let the accounting system billing them.

Enterprise Performance and Governance

itmSUITE® lets you optimally automate your business processes helping them to streamline and mature in time, therefore boosting service providers’ performances. But governance and improvements are not possible without measuring. This is usually a complex task requiring sophisticated and expensive business intelligence solutions which have to be integrated (an additional and significant cost). itmSUITE® makes natively available all the features needed to monitor and drive business performances. To this aim, the key components are:

  • OCE, the module which allows to easily configure KPIs and targets for them,
  • DB, the module which allows to simply define dashboards which use all itmSUITE® data, included KPIs,
  • REP, the module which makes reporting on data and KPIs available.

Finally, itmSUITE® offers all the business intelligence features you need.

Business performances and governance are not depending only on Business As Usual but also on how well organizations manage their investments aimed at business transformation and evolution. To support this vital activity, itmSUITE® offers its powerful portfolio, programme and project management functionalities.

Enterprise Asset Management

The success of service providers depends on their ability to optimize the use of  their and customer’s assets in order to produce business outcomes. Assets are therefore a key component of any service providers’ strategy and this is one of the reason for the optimal management of their lifecycle, from identification to design, transition, monitoring and improvement.

itmSUITE® provide a key module for asset and configuration management which enables to fully leverage service providers and its customers’ assets.

Key Benefits of itmSUITE®

itmSUITE® is a truly integrated solutions, ideal to support service providers business. By adopting it, service providers will profit of many benefits:

  • time to market by rapidly adapting their processes to the business context and needs,
  • effectiveness, by enabling an optimal level of automation of their processes, regardless of the maturity needed (itmSUITE® supports low to very high level of maturity);
  • efficiency, by streamlining processes, reducing bottlenecks and eliminating waste (itmSUITE® makes it easy to control your process performances and to automate new, more proficient configurations);
  • optimize the business automation Total Cost of Ownership, by reducing the needs and licence costs of several tools, those of their integration and because of its distinctive features.

The complete software solution and tool for ERP for Service Providers by itmSUITE, available on premise or as a cloud / SaaS service