Help Desk for Small Medium Enterprises

Small Medium Enterprises do not have the complexity (e.g. number of resources) of large organizations. Yet, they can greatly benefit from a modern Service Desk. itmSUITE® and in particular itmCLOUD®, the version of itmSUITE® available as a cloud service, let you easily, quickly and optimally support a modern Service Desk function.

Typical supported processes of a Service Desk are Incident Management or Request Fulfilment and, often other processes such as Problem Management, Asset & Configuration Management and Knowledge Management. However, in a small to medium size company this often takes the form of a simple ticket management process.

For this reason, itmSUITE® and itmCLOUD® make available a simplified preconfigured “ticketing” process to easily handle incidents and requests of users and customers. Starting simple, does not preclude a future growth. In fact, the powerful embedded workflow engine makes it possible to improve the maturity or to define and execute new process instantly. In other words itmSUITE® and itmCLOUD® follows your business growth limitless.

Key Features

Examples of features beneficial to a Service Desk for small and medium enterprises:

  • Preconfigured off-the shelf ticketing process, easily to tailor and improve
  • Ticket ownership, delegation of tasks, progress tracking,
  • Integrated asset and configuration management
  • Integrated knowledge management
  • Manual and automatic notifications and messaging, supporting templates and mail integration (thus allowing to view all communications within threads in related entities)
  • Flexible reporting (REP module) and Dashboards (DB module)
  • Automation of routine tasks internal (e.g. massive closure of tickets, change of status depending on conditions) and external (e.g. opening/closure of an incident based on a monitoring tool notification, external component stop / start, etc.)
  • See additional features…

Key Benefits of itmSUITE®

itmSUITE® or itmCLOUD® may play a key role for Service Desk success in a small to medium enterprise context

  • Starting the Service Desk instantly
  • Easy adaptation to needs by codeless configuration (without customization)
  • Supporting limitless process maturity improvements
  • See additional benefits….

The complete software solution and tool for Help Desk for Small Medium Enterprises by itmSUITE, available on premise or as a cloud / SaaS service