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Marchio DB - DashBoard

The DB module is complementary to many of the other itmSUITE® modules. It allows to create dashboards which show the current status and historical trends of the processes and activities supported by itmSUITE®. DashBoards may contain graphics but also other key elements to enable action and decision making such as to-do lists, news, messages. DashBoards work on all the entities managed by itmSUITE® considering both actual and historical data (the second if the OCE – Objective Calculator Engine module is installed).

The configuration of DashBoards is a very easy task which requires no technical skills. DashBoards can be centrally configured and distributed (published) to the relevant roles by an administrator but also customized by any authorized itmSUITE® user. Published and personal DashBoard can be mixed.

The configuration steps also allow to define the drill-down levels and options of data. Drill-down may lead to the list of entities (e.g. tickets) which determine the drilled value calculation.

Pre build DashBoards are made available for the itmSUITE® pre-build processes (Incident, Change, Problem, Release Management and Request Fulfilment).

Dashboard sample




The software module and tool for DB - Dashboard by itmSUITE, available on premise or as a cloud / SaaS service