Discovery Engine

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 17:28

Discovery Engine, the new itmSUITE® component that makes the online discovery of infrastructures, applications and the relationships between them, is now available.
It makes it possible to acquire the following information for Windows and UNIX apparatus:

  • processors, memory, storage/disks, video boards , sound devices, internet boards, controller boards, slots, gateways, bios, monitors, keyboards, printers, modems, virtual apparatus
  • applications installed in the registry
  • other applications via fingerprint
  • relationships between the applications

This tool requires the installation of an agent on the host from which the deployment is automatic for Windows environments and can be managed centrally for Unix ones


Discovery Engine completes a block that is important for the creation of all the components of a Configuration Management System that is in line with ITIL® recommendations. Clients can therefore continue to use their own discovery solutions, integrated with CMS® or they can opt for the new module. In this case they would benefit from:

  • the optimisation of costs for the use of open source components at the level of agents for the gathering of information, in particular with an increase in the number of components.
  • surprisingly high performance of discovery
  • the ease of configuration of the solution that makes it possible to identify little known and not generally used components through the simple creation of fingerprints.
  • innate integration with visual CMS® that makes it possible to have information on the real time status of the configuration elements with advanced functions for comparison, audit and follow-up management.

Availability for itmCLOUD®

The Discovery Engine module is also available for the itmCLOUD® platform, albeit with a project style approach. The agents and the DE server that collect the data must be installed on the client infrastructures. The information related to the components identified is made available and can be managed via the itmCLOUD® platform, appropriately integrated with the client infrastructure.


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