New Major 7

Wednesday, 11 June 2014 17:28

Version 7 offers users a better experience thanks to the graphic interface that has been completely updated and is the only Service Management solution that is innately accessible. In fact, it supports the W3C access requirements as well as those cited in the Italian law n°4, 9th January 2004 (Legge Stanca) and indeed breaks down the 'virtual barriers' which limit the access of disabled people in IT companies (further details)

Version 7 also introduces other relevant improvements to the underlying system principles of itmSUITE® configuration, significantly increasing the level and ease of configuration thus further reducing costs related to management and any integration with external systems.

As examples only:

  • the Workflow Engine makes it possible to define Dynamic Forms which are able to vary their content depending on system events,
  • the Action Engine works on a higher number of events and makes it possible to program automatic Tasks, with the support of javascript as well.

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