itmSUITE® effectively supports the automation and development of the most popular IT Service Management and Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Best Practices.

Main benefits deriving from the adoption of itmSUITE®

  • It supports the introduction and the development of the PPP and IT Service Management Best practices.
  • All-around and ever developing functional coverage.
  • Minimal start-up time and effort.
  • It adapts to every eventuality, without compromising efficiency.
  • Reduced number of management applications and upkeep interventions (reducing the Total Cost of Ownership)
  • It's self-sufficient and employs a codeless set-up (further reducing the Total Cost of Ownership while also freeing you from product specialists, thus improving adaptation and usage speed)
  • Operational support granted by qualified individuals, certified in IT Service Management Best Practices (such as ITIL).
  • Tailored service and support contracts.
  • You can also get a ready-to-operate formula (training and consultancy on Best Practices + software) to gain guaranteed results consuming minimal time.



We allow for Sustainable investment contracts (e.g. Licence renting or Software as a Service)


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